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September 10, 2013

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Latest News
  Exelon Urges Lawmakers to Take Hard Look at Energy Policies to Preserve Benefits of Nation’s Nuclear Plants
  Research and Markets: Italy Thermal Power Market Outlook 2014-2025 - Capacity, Generation, Power Plants, Regulations and Company Profiles
  Video: Inspection team satisfied Oswego nuke plant fixed issues
  Video: New Energy Struggles On Its Way To Markets
  Video: Hungary PM To Meet Russia's Putin, Nuclear Deal Likely
  Video: White House Releases Summary Of Six-month Iran Nuclear Plan
  Video: 'Important day' as UN confirms Iran nuclear freeze: EU
  Video: Experts address Fukushima-related radiation spike concerns
  EDF Energy acts to strengthen the capability of the UK's nuclear industry
  Video: Ancient salt beds were impetus for opening WIPP plant
  Video: Fire prompts evacuation of WIPP plant
  Video: Tokyo Chief Chosen Amid Divided Anti-nuke Vote
  Video: Exelon Limerick to stay open despite company-wide plant clos
  Video: Report addresses risks in nuclear waste transportation
  Video: NM nuke repository being monitored for radiation
  Video: Presentation outlines dumping of nuclear waste in Nevada
  Video: Iran nuclear talks continue in Vienna with 'good atmosphere'
  Video: WIPP to be shut down for three weeks due to radiation leak
  Video: Yucca Mountain debate pits fears versus law
  Video: Controversy over Nuclear Plant in Byron
  Video: Feds to update public on radiation leak at WIPP
  Video: Air testing at nuclear dump shows no contamination
  French Nuclear Rapid Action Force (FARN) opens final regional base at Bugey
  Video: New report highlights shortcomings at WIPP
  Thorium: The Artisanal Nuclear Energy
  Video: Closed nuclear waste dump wants to temporarily store waste
  Popular Mechanics Calls Joe Mangano's Research, "Junk Science"
  A Pilgrims Progress Away from Nuclear Misinformation
  Why Should You Consider a Career in Nuclear Energy?
  Video: 35 nations sign up to tougher nuclear security standards
  EDF extends a series of existing agreements with Chinese energy actors
  Video: Friday Marks 35 Years Since Three Mile Island Incident
  Video: At Least Three African Countries Going Nuclear
  Ensuring Seismic Safety at U.S. Reactors
  Mixing It up Over MOX
  First Fukushima residents go home to Miyakoji
  First half of Chernobyl cover on the move
  Rudy Giuliani on Nuclear Energy
  AP1000 control room declared operational
  EDF and Exelon finalize agreement on CENG
  NRC Rejects Anti-Nuke Activists, Won't Delay St. Lucie Restart
  Video: Kenya Forging Ahead With Nuclear Power Plant Despite Critics
  Once More into the Frozen Breach with Energy Diversity
  Lithuania restates Visaginas commitment
  Doosan Vina celebrates N-Stamp
  60 Minutes Visits Fukushima
  Exelon's nuclear fleet expands
  From Monkeys to Nuclear Energy in Rhea County
  South Africa launches radwaste agency
  Support for nuclear in South Australia
  Contractor sought to remove historic reactor core
  Why DOE Should Back SMR Development
  Construction of nitride fuel plant underway
  Convoy tests 'Iter Itinerary'
  First HTR-PM construction progresses
  Top 5 Reasons to Support Ex-Im Bank Reauthorization
  Extraction of Fukushima groundwater starts
  What Are The Threats to America's Electric Supply?
  Video: Czechs Cancel Tender To Expand Nuclear Plant
  Why Energy Northwest is Interested in SMRs
  Celebrations at US centrifuge plant
  Revised EIA filed for Turkish nuclear plant
  CEZ cancels Temelin expansion tender
  Are Reporters Challenging Mangano's "Junk Science"?
  More Westinghouse fuel for Ukraine
  Regulator approves Olkiluoto I&C architecture
  Japan retains nuclear in energy mix
  Video: In Post-Fukushima Policy Test, Japan Town Rallies For Nuclear Re-start
  The 'Years of Living Dangerously' Team Needs to Pay Attention to Nuclear
  Nuclear Energy in the IPCC Climate Change Report
  Site approval for Chinese AP1000 plant
  Subsidies for European nuclear fuel manufacturers
  Mangano Accused of Manipulating Data in Diablo Canyon Study
  CB&I to decommission floating reactor
  Hanhikivi investment decision
  €2.2 billion owed to German nuclear utilities
  Video: Iran Cuts Proliferation-prone Uranium Stock
  Video: WIPP makes changes to emergency procedures
  The Ethical Nuclear Solution and the IPCC Report
  New concept for offshore nuclear plant
  Why First Energy is Interested in SMRs
  Chimney work changes Sellafield skyline
  Westinghouse, OPG team up
  EDF and China Datang Corporation to build and operate a 2,000 MW ultra-supercritical coal-fired power plant in China
  Years of Living Impatiently with Showtime Series
  Video: Niger Could Sign New Deal With Areva Within Days: Mines Minister
  The Electric Grid on Earth Day: Then and Now
  High-level waste arrives in Japan
  The Nuclear Battle Between Semiology and Dada
  US Poised for Major Methanol Construction, GTL North America Conference to Examine
  China seeks clean, sustainable energy for growth
  Regulators fight third-time 'tax' on nuclear