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September 10, 2013

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Latest News
  Licence amendment for Darlington
  US nuclear firms urge Ex-Im Bank renewal
  Reauthorizing Ex-Im Bank is Vitally Important to Small Business
  India's Additional Protocol comes into force
  North Carolina power agency sells stakes in reactors
  Thales gets UK control system work
  Conditional environmental approval for Kintyre
  Russia, China to work on floating nuclear plants
  Global Energy Infrastructure: Teaching Students the Nuclear Fuel Cycle
  US Senate adopts Vietnam agreement
  Reactor restarts would aid Japanese recovery
  Slovenské Elektráne cooperating with police
  Nuclear's Contribution to a Positive Future
  Why Closing Indian Point In Summer is Like Shutting Down Mariano Rivera
  Aligning the Nuclear Energy Industry on Social Media
  Ignalina 2 decommissioning work starts
  China signs Candu deals with Romania and Argentina
  NRC proposes changes to used fuel storage rules
  US report urges focus on 'extreme' events
  Why the CERES Study on Clean Energy is Fatally Flawed
  Energy Scalability and Carbon Reduction
  First criticality for Chinese reactor
  South Africa budgets for nuclear
  5 Surprising Facts About Nuclear Energy
  Entergy opposes Indian Point outage proposal
  Construction licence for ESS
  Iberdrola joins GE-Hitachi for Prism
  Dominion’s Lisa Hilbert: Why a Fresh Perspective Keeps Nuclear Safe and Reliable
  Russian waste transport ship completes test mission
  Russia targets 2030 for BN-1200
  Tender for Egyptian plant rescheduled
  Nuclear Energy’s Unmatched Reliability
  Iran eliminates 20% enriched uranium inventory
  Video: Atomic Days kicks off in Arco
  Video: Kewaunee Nuclear Plant 6pm
  Belgian court rejects nuclear tax complaint
  Nuclenor fined for early Garoña closure
  CB&I, CNNC extend cooperation
  Higher and Higher: EEI Uncovers The Cost of Electricity in Germany
  Safety approval for first Japanese reactor restarts
  Areva to dismantle Swedish research reactors
  Small reactor developers assess UK-US collaboration
  Funds approved for stalled US federal projects
  Russia and Argentina sign nuclear power agreement
  5 Myths About the Export-Import Bank
  Energoatom welcomes choice of vendor
  US debut for Westinghouse fuel pool monitor
  Idaho National Labs: Taking Nuclear Energy into the Digital Age
  Video: Russia's Rosatom To Tender For Argentine Nuclear Power Plants
  Enel's Slovakian interests for sale
  India allocates funds for nuclear
  Video: Watts Bar Update
  Video: Contaminated water at Fukushima plant to be frozen
  Video: Kerry, Ministers To Join Iran Nuclear Talks In Vienna: Official
  NEI's Lipman Testifies on Future of International Civilian Nuclear Cooperation
  Being a Nuclear Engineer at AREVA
  Facts on the Spent Fuel Pool at Fukushima Daiichi Unit 5
  Standing for Energy
  Nuclear Energy Decrepit? We’ll See About That
  Leadership at Fukushima Daini
  Video: Radiation leak leads to layoffs at Los Alamos
  Nuclear Jobs and Salaries
  Video: Nuke leak probe focuses on Los Alamos National Lab
  Video: Problems at Palisades
  Nuclear Coming Back/NYT on Ex-Im/Kryptonite
  Gov. Whitman Answers Questions on EPA Carbon Regulations Tomorrow
  Nuclear Energy, Ex-Im Bank and the Congressional Hearing
  Video: Iran Expects Deal Soon On Russia Building New Nuclear Reactors
  The Supreme Court and Carbon Emissions
  Video: General Electric Details New Alstom Offer
  What to Do About the Summer Heat
  Video: French Nuclear More Costly Than Renewables By 2020
  Video: France Says Iran Must Budge On Centrifuges For Talks To Succeed
  Video: Iran's Reactor Fuel Demand Emerges As Sticking Point In Nuclear Talks
  Video: Feds to detail plans for sealing WIPP
  Video: Russia May Build Eight Nuclear Reactors For Iran
  Video: Japan Court Rules Against Nuclear Restart In Rare Win For Activists
  Video: Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's Thoughts On Nuclear
  Video: Kennedy Vows U.S. Help To Japan For Fukushima Nuclear Clean-up
  Video: Kitty litter may be to blame for WIPP radiation leak
  Video: WIPP investigators find melted plastic, rubber
  Video: Exelon Pins Nuclear Hopes On Small Modular Reactors
  Video: Local Nuclear Company Expands
  Video: Taiwan Police Clash With Anti-nuclear Protesters
  Video: Nuclear power plant given extension in making safety upgrade
  Video: Niger Could Sign New Deal With Areva Within Days: Mines Minister
  EDF and China Datang Corporation to build and operate a 2,000 MW ultra-supercritical coal-fired power plant in China
  Video: WIPP makes changes to emergency procedures
  Video: Iran Cuts Proliferation-prone Uranium Stock
  Video: In Post-Fukushima Policy Test, Japan Town Rallies For Nuclear Re-start
  Video: Czechs Cancel Tender To Expand Nuclear Plant
  Video: Kenya Forging Ahead With Nuclear Power Plant Despite Critics
  EDF and Exelon finalize agreement on CENG
  Video: At Least Three African Countries Going Nuclear
  Video: Friday Marks 35 Years Since Three Mile Island Incident
  EDF extends a series of existing agreements with Chinese energy actors
  Video: 35 nations sign up to tougher nuclear security standards